Investing the Templeton Way

Exploring the "bargain hunting" investing strategies of Sir John Templeton, one of the world's premier value investors.

Money magazine called Sir John Templeton "the greatest stock picker of the (20th) century." In the 21st century, his timeless investment principles and methods live on through Lauren Templeton Capital Management, LLC., an investment management firm led by Sir John's niece.

The author of the international business book hit Investing the Templeton Way, Lauren extends Sir John's legacy through her investment management firm that embraces and utilizes the same principles that Sir John made famous over the course of his long career.

In this era and all others, successful investing comes back to making wise security purchases representing a good value. This is the timeless approach of Investing the Templeton Way.

It's a simple practice based on recognizing the fact that the price of an asset can differ from its true worth. Using Sir John's proven methods and practices, we work hard for investors to buy valuable assets at bargain prices. It's not about finding the latest, greatest, but consistently finding the best value over time. That's the Templeton Way. That's our way.

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